Homo Novus 2015



Homo Novus 2013
Gundega Laiviņa

Artistic director

While I still have the illusion, that there is a free, honest and fearless art that can open your eyes, sharpen your mind and move your heart, I belong here.


Homo Novus 2013
Sandra Lapkovska

Producer, production manager

Homo Novus discovered the world full of surprises and I want to show that to others, too.


Homo Novus 2013
Laura Stašāne

Producer, head of communication

There are performances that have forever changed my idea about art and what it can do. It’s a kind of experience that I would happily wish for everyone.


Homo Novus 2013
Jānis Liniņš

Technical director

There is a community based on love and faith for theatre that brings festival organisers, participants and spectators together. In Latvia, one such community is emerging around Homo Novus, and I want to be a part of it.


Homo Novus 2013
Klinta Harju

Festival school and HALL07 producer

Homo Novus is a festival that keeps surprising every time. For those who are not afraid, this is a chance to change their habitual way of thinking.


Homo Novus 2013
Madara Sokolova

Ticket booking and sales

I can only imagine what a person might feel after watching every performance of this festival. Once I was very close it. I highly recommend it.


Homo Novus 2013
Artis Tauriņš


That feeling of having peeped into one of many other reality layers to unplug from the everyday environment for a while. Homo Novus can give you just that.


Homo Novus 2013

Architects and festival scenographers

Architect should have confidence in the ability of materials to live, talk and affect the course of events without the direct participation of humans. In this respect, the festival theme this year araouses also our professional curiousity.